Ísheimar - storage facilities for frozen products for both smaller and larger cargo. The storage facilities are for up to 6,500 tonnes or 6,500 paletts.

Well equipped inspection rooms are for quality control in the center and facilities for external border inspection of food in the European Economic Area.

  • Holds up to 3,500 pallets in racks.
  • Takes 3,000 tonnes of frozen seafood which is free-stacked.
  • Specialized services for frozen and multi-purpose vessels.
  • All pallets are weighted, plastered and marked with a barcode.
  • All shipping and delivery is electronically recorded as the product enters and exits the center.
  • Total 1000 m² of space.
  • 500 m² of service space for sampling and inspection.
  • Up to 10 containers or trucks can be delivered at the same time.
  • You can land directly inside the storage room, because its part at the same height as the dock.
  • The area is fenced and monitored around the clock.
  • Customs territory.