International and Domestic Shipping Center - We offer various ways:

Traditional way
The product arrives for storage either at import or from domestic suppliers. The item is received, archived (storage compartment). Goods are either delivered directly from a storage compartment (whole pallet) or delivered from picking compartments (boxes, units) and a platform for delivery.

Shipment split up
The product arrives from suppliers on one pallet and is delivered to many pre-defined locations with the so-called "Put to store" system, where the pallet is divided into places.

Many pallets in many places
A product arrives on pallets to the warehouse, where each pallet has a specific recipient (cross-docking) and is then delivered to the appropriate place of delivery.

Other services
The product center provides various other services such as labeling of products, packaging (in larger packages, more products in the same package), composition of products (e.g. grill), etc.

What kind of products do we host?
The warehouse stores products of all sizes, whether in general dry goods, freezers, refrigerators or hazardous goods. A variety of compartments ensure that a product is stored in a suitable compartment that lowers storage costs.

The main benefit to customers of hosting at Samskip is that less funds are tied up, since customers pay only for the space and services used instead of the fixed cost of their own housing and other things that come with it.

Costs are therefore commensurate with the scope of operations at any given time. Seasonal fluctuations are known in many industries and there is no need to pay for unused space.

All products that pass through the warehouse receive a bar code and are scanned into the house. The bar labels facilitate product traceability and ensure reliability of inventory and minimize degradation.

A robust information system enables customers to monitor real-time inventory status and send electronic orders to the product center.

Please feel free to contact a service representative for any assistance and advice, the email is [email protected]