Environmental policy

Samskip’s policy is to always be at the forefront of environmental issues. We comply with laws relating to environmental protection and go further where appropriate. We strive to keep abreast of developments and innovations and to set clear environmental goals for ourselves. We measure performance regularly, thereby ensuring continuous improvement and progress.

Environmental management

The company aims to minimise the operations’ environmental impact and to prevent pollution. As a leading company in its field, Samskip shares knowledge and information about its environmental performance with employees, partners, and the community. To ensure success, Samskip uses recognised environmental standards and criteria.


We manage resources well, minimise their use and prevent waste.


We strive to reduce emissions from fuel combustion and minimise the company’s carbon footprint. We also monitor and participate in the energy exchange (the transition from fossil fuels to green energy).

Products and services

We make sure the company’s products and services follow the set goals and are managed in a way that considers the impact on nature, environment, and society. We analyse risks and focus on employee training to prevent accidents and to ensure proper work practices and response.


When choosing suppliers, equipment, and other resources, we endeavour to select above others environmentally friendly alternatives.


We stress that waste is sorted, recycled and reused as much as possible. Samskip actively seeks ways to partner with other companies to reuse waste from Samskip’s operations.

Carbon neutrality

We emphasise that the company’s operations become carbon neutral by minimising greenhouse gas emissions from the company’s operations and by promoting carbon offsets.

We encourage our customers to carbon offset their share of the transport by providing them with information on the carbon footprint of the transport and by establishing partnerships with parties working on carbon sequestration or stopping greenhouse gas emissions.

Samskip set a clear environmental policy and measurable goals for itself in 2015. The environmental goals and policy were revised in 2020.