Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most common questions regarding import at Samskip. If you need further assistant please contact our Service Department via email and we will assist you with your booking:

The fist step is to contact our business managers or request a quote here

FCL is an abbrevation for Full Container Load.
That means the shipment will be the only one in the Container, either 20ft or 40ft Container.

LCL is an abbrevation for Loose Container Load.
That means that the shipment is arranged on pallets that will be loaded with other shipments in a Container.

Here below you can see explanations for the Tariff / item fees:

1) All information related to the cargo:
· CBM (height*width*length)
· Weight

2) All information for shipper:
· Name of company
· Address for company
· Telephone number for company
· Name for a contact person within the company including his/her email address and his/her telephone number.

3) Do you want Samskip pick up this cargo? If so, where and when can Samskip arrange the pick up?
4) In what vessel do you want Samskip to use?

By entering all information above into Samskip’s booking request on Samskip’s service web.

Clients who pay cash upfront pay for the shipment before delivery takes place.

Clients who have account transactions get an invoice sent for each month. Please be aware that the account authorization must cover the amount of shipments invoice.
You can pay a shipping invoice with the information below:
ID: 440986-1539
Bank: 0301-26-1332

Please put in the booking number of the shipment.

Please send a receipt for the transaction to [email protected] (the email of the Service Department at Samskip Import).

You can request Custom Clearance for a shipment on Samskip’s service web.

Then you upload the invoice for the shipment under “attachments”, choose “service” in the bottom of the page and request Custom Clearance in the drop down list.

You can also request a Custom Clearance by sending the invoice for the shipment along with the arrival notice to [email protected] and formally request the Custom Clearance.

When damage of shipment is clear you must make a written report to Samskip, this must happen within three (3) days of receiving the shipment. This report should be sent to the email: [email protected]

Here you can find Samskips´s Tariff / prices for each service provided.