Questions & Answers (Moving)

Here below are some of the most frequent questions and answers regarding moving personal effects to and from Iceland that can be helpful to read over before starting the process. If you need any further information we are ready to assist via email [email protected] or at tel: +354 458 8000.

First you have to get a quote for the shipment, you can access the form here:

In the request you need to inform how many cubic meters you need to ship and both origin and destination of shipment.

One pallet (euro) is 1,2m x 0,8m in size. If one loades 2mtr on the pallet you get 2 CBM.

Here on Samskip´s web you can find a CBM calculator that can help you to find out the CBM of your shipment:

LCL is an abbreviation for Loose Container Load. That means that the shipment is on pallets that will be loaded with other shipments in a Container.

FCL is an abbreviation for Full Container Load. That means the shipment will be the only one in the Container.

Cars with sideloaders are common here in Iceland but abroad they are not. That´s the reason one has to pay for this extra service. It´s possible to get extra loading/unlaoding hours for an extra fee.

Cars with chassis are more common abroad and therefore easier to get. Also cars with a container (weither with a sideloader or chassis) are quite big and are often to big to fit in narrow streets. A container on chassis is approx. 1,3-1,5mtr obove ground.

No, you can´t. Only one shipment can be in a single FCL shipment at any time.

Yes, Samskip can provide an insurance for personal effects and vehicle´s with Sjóvá. Samskip insists that shipments with personal effects are insured either through Samskip or not.

If the consignee requests the insurance then the premium is 0,75% of the personal effects total value, with a minimum of 3.000 ISK and is deductible with 25.000 ISK

If the shipment was insured through Samskip then you need to fill out a damage claim at

An employee from Sjóvá will then be in contact.

It differs from one country to another. You will always have to fill out a packing list and provide a copy of your passport.

What kind of custom clearance papers are needed depends on the rules of each country.

For more detailed information please contact [email protected]

When transporting personal effects between residence´s the transport should be duty free. The consignee will have to been registered in the country of departure for 12 months or longer for duty free to apply.

If there are items that are purchased within the last 12 months, the will have to cleared specially and Jónar Transport´s Customs Department will help with that. For more info, contact: [email protected]

No. Any items that don’t belong to the vehicle (for example tires) are not allowed in a vehicle transported by Samskip.

If you have an export shipment then payment needs to be made before the vessel leaves. If a payment hasn’t been made before the vessel leaves the shipment will be delayed.

If you have a import shipment, a payment is made before delivery.

Yes, it´s possible to split payments with a innstallment agreement with Valitor Iceland.
You need to have an Icelandic credit card.

Other payment options are paying through the internet bank or making a payment with your credit card.

Samskip´s account information:
Account nr: 0301-26-1332
ID/Kennitala: 440986-1539

When making a payment through the internet bank please send a notification to [email protected] in the process.

This differs from different types of insurances. Please contact your insurance company to ensure what is included.

When moving a full container of personal effects between country’s the Container needs to be sealed and secured. This is done to insure that no items are in the Container that shouldn’t be there.

A Container that is not sealed can’t be imported/exported.

Samskip does not offer this service. Pökkun og flutningar ( offers to seal containers for individuals and also collect the fee for the service.

Please note that Samskip can’t collect Containers for export unless they have the Cargo Security Declaration.

Insurance is not included in the quote and is therefore added to the invoice.

If the customer requests any service that is not included in the quote this will be added (this can for example be a side loader, extra loading/unloaded time) this can be added.

Demurrage and detention can also be added afterwards. All personal effects- and vehicle customers have 14 days “free of charge” from arrival of vessel. It is nessacary to empty the Container and notify when done before these 14 days are finished.

No, Samskip doesn’t offer to do this. Samskip Iceland offers pallets and plastic for wrapping (this only applies in Iceland) but do not offer to load pallets or Containers for customers.

If this service is needed please contact Samskip’s personal effects personell ([email protected]) for further information.

Before a shipment containing personal effects is delivered it needs to be custom cleared and a payment made to Samskip.

For Jónar transport to be able to custom clear the consignee needs to register his residence with the National Registry/Þjóðskrá Íslands (

Then Jónar transport ([email protected]) has to receive a packing list, an import declaration for household effects and an arrival notice for the shipment. It’s not unusual for this procedure to take 1-2 days, but it can take longer.

No, you can import your personal effects without moving your residence but you will have to pay custom fees for it.

For your shipment of personal effects to be duty free you need to move your residence.

Yes, you can use your own Container but Samskip will need to see a picture of the Container CSC-plate for the Container Certificate.

In the case of LCL shipments, it’s over when the shipment has been picked up and delivered.

In the case of FCL shipments, it is over when Samskip’s has been notified of an empty Container.